Presenting your property for photography & sale

You may be surprised to find that the reason a property appeals to you may be as simple as how it is presented via the photography.  First impressions are everything and excellent high quality photos are integral to marketing your home.     Good natural lighting and minimising (de-cluttering) without a doubt makes the property look spacious, airy, warm and inviting.

We want to evoke emotions to prospective purchasers that this is where they could see themselves living.

Minimising is as simple as removing all items from kitchen bench, remove rubbish bin, clear everything from the fridge doors, vanity tops, remove personal items and photos, all pet items, remove tablecloths, rugs on back of  lounge.

House and yard presentation is paramount to first impressions – and will attract better buyer interest than a poorly presented home.    It’s important to clean thoroughly and tidy before the photographer arrives.  Lawns should be mown & edges trimmed, gardens tidy and weed free, clear the clothesline and remove pool toys & cleaners refresh any peeling paint on gutters and fascias.

Little touches like new white towels in bathroom make a good impression.

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Presenting your property for photography & sale