First Impressions are Crucial

The outside of the house if the first impression that a potential buyer is going to have and it’s vital that you present the property in the absolute best possible way you can.     You want buyers to fall in love with your property, so give it that loved, friendly and welcoming look.     Ensure that the front garden or entry area is neat and tidy, the pathways and driveways are pressure cleaned, weed free and with edges tidied.   Treat weeds & bindii in the lawn and have it mown.    Trim all hedges and bushes & branches – particularly those that may overhang the gutters!!.    Clean cobwebs.      Don’t forget the backyard – it needs to present as a welcoming and relaxing area.

A simple step that is often overlooked when preparing the outside of the property for sale is the windows.     Ensure that your windows are clean as this will absolutely improve the appearance of your property and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

It seems like a lot of work – but you’ll thank us later!


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First Impressions are Crucial