Is Winter a good time to sell?

As the cooler weather sets in, many people considering going to the market will be faced with a decision – sell in winter or wait until spring.     Aside from the practical considerations such as work commitments, school terms and actually being ready to go on market, the impact of the season on a campaign success is often misinterpreted.   The yearly Winter v Spring debate, often predicts low or no activity in winter  and a plethora of new listings ready for the spring market.

Economics trump seasons when it comes to the selling price. If you believe the market conditions will improve later in the year, then it would be sensible to wait.   If you assess the market conditions will worsen, then waiting for better weather and a flowering garden may not be so prudent.

Winter is often under-rated as a selling season.  The fact that many competing home sellers hold their properties for the spring often creates a shortage of stock on the market during winter.  With stock tightening more than demand during these months, there are clear advantages to the winter property sellers.

Admittedly the presentation may not be as good in winter, does that really matter if the price is right?

If you have been thinking of selling your home – don’t discount winter.    Contact any of our sales team on 02 6621 9100 to find out the vale of your home in this current market.

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Is Winter a good time to sell?