Investing in real estate for a home or investment and navigating the property market can be challenging – especially without prior knowledge of the potential pitfalls.     Whether you are an experienced property seller, property investor  or a novice….having the right information is always the key to making the best decisions.



Get the HIGHEST PRICE for your Property shows you how to present your property for sale and gives you tips on how to select, and work with, a real estate agent.

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Real Estate’s Greatest Dangers – How to Avoid them and Sell Safe 

by Andrew Trim

The title of this great booklet says it all, what to look for and what to avoid.  


Landlord 101

by Andrew Trim

101 Tips to ensure your success and safety when investing in real estate.



Forget everything you’ve been lead to believe as true, and the media hype surrounding real estate which doesn’t accurately reflect the reality,  and order your FREE COPY of the books other agents don’t want you to read.

Written by our colleagues Andrew Trim and Peter O’Malley, you’ll find information that will surprise you, anger you and inspire you to seek a better deal.      These books are essential reading for anyone who’s thinking of selling or buying now or in the future.


Real Estate Dangers and how to Avoid them  by Andrew Trim

A must-read guide for anyone thinking of buying or selling property, or becoming a landlord.   It is a guide to making smarter decisions by shining a light on the flawed, costly and unnecessary aspects of the real estate industry.  Clear, no-nonsense advice  that arms you with the knowledge you need to succeed when selling or buying.



Inside Real Estate- Buy, Sell and Profit in Any Property Market by peter O’Malley

Inside Real Estate exposes the truth about the real estate industry. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a property, industry veteran Peter O’Malley reveals the secrets, myths and pitfalls of the real estate game to show you how to cut through the spin and get a better deal.



Real Estate Uncovered by Peter O’Malley

When this ground breaking book was released, real estate agent Peter O’Malley broke ranks with industry spin and uncovered exactly what goes on beneath the slick promises, the fancy advertising and the craftily worded press-releases that  are made to entice sellers and buyers into the arms of real estate agents.   Peter lays bare the tricks and traps that await consumers in the real estate world.  But he doesn’t just reveal the dodgy methods, he also reveals how consumers can protect themselves and how they can turn the tables on the agents.




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