It sounds obvious that finding or selling a home is often one of the most stressful and important aspects of life, so doesn’t it make sense to choose a Real Estate partner that understands how important the process is for you.

Our Experience

As a family owned and operated agency, we at Higgins Real Estate Lismore love nothing more than leaving you in a better place, with a smile on your face, and we’ve been doing just that since 2001, serving the Far North Coast and Northern Rivers communities specialising in the sale and management of  residential, rural and commercial properties.

Many people have placed their trust in the Higgins Real Estate team and continue to do so.   We our proud of our culture, the trusted service we provide and the bonds we’ve formed with our clients, which is attested to in the many Testimonials, Google, social media and other online Reviews all which attest to the SUCCESS and the HAPPINESS we have given to many people over many years.

Experience Risk Free selling    

We invite you to see why we offer a better real estate experience with an honest, dignified & personalised service,  based on truthful marketing,  committed teamwork, continual training and a rock solid SERVICE GUARANTEE that works with your best interests at heart.     Buyers and sellers deserve better and we believe our points of difference are there to benefit you and make your life easier.

You will never be out of pocket with Higgins Real Estate with our  NO Sale-NO Charge Guarantee.   You pay nothing whatsoever until your property is sold.   One single selling fee based on a % of sale price with no hidden extras such as unnecessary advertising or marketing expenses (Vendor Paid Advertising) typically designed to take your money and advertise the agent.

Higgins Real Estate carries all the photography and marketing costs. You pay nothing until you sell.  This guarantees you cannot lose money if your home does not sell or if you change your mind and decide not to sell.

YOU Are In Control

We don’t believe in giving you false information – so we’ll provide truthful feedback throughout the campaign – even if it’s not what you want to hear.    It’s your home and the final decision to sell is yours.  With Higgins Real Estate you are in control of the sales process the whole time.

24 hrs 7 days a week – Buyer Magnetised Office

A large number of our inspections are carried out after hours and on weekends to suit client needs and often at short notice, so our phone lines are answered by a person 24hours a day, 7 days per week, ensuring no buyers are missed.

The Whole Team Working for you

Your property never has a day off.   This means that you will have ALL of our salespeople working on your behalf, who introduce more people to your home from their own extensive and qualified buyer database.   Our team work together to get the best price your property for you rather than the first price.

Highly Trained and Motivated Sales Team

Higgins is a team of trained professionals whose previous backgrounds in financial planning, mortgage broking, conveyancing, marketing, customer service, sales, business owner,  project managing, and 2 x Justices of the Peace, bring a range of knowledge, experience and expertise to assist all of our current and future clients.     And yes our agents work together to get results for our clients, not against each other.

The Smart Sale

Our  targeted marketing ensures your property will receive maximum exposure in the local area, our buyer database,  on our website and the most popular online property portals and social media sites, exposing it to every buyer in the marketplace.   We maintain an extensive, ever changing and constantly growing database of buyers and sellers, regularly contacted to ensure your property is reaching the correct audience.

No Open Homes.  Inspections are by appointment ONLY with genuine and qualified buyers.

  • Stickybeaks will not buy your home, only genuine buyers will buy.  Therefore only genuine and qualified buyers should inspect.
  • Our Inspections are tailored to suit YOU and the potential buyer – NOT just to be convenient for the agent  (typically for  1/2 hour on a weekend only).
  • It also means no unsupervised strangers or nosy neighbours wandering through your home,  whilst the agent is distracted by other non-qualified people -(typically spending inspection time and energy trying to gain another seller).
  • Open homes benefit the agent NOT you and absolutely do not reflect the true interest in the property by genuine and qualified buyers.
  • Open homes are risky – Oftentimes the agent does not adequately identify or monitor any of the people going through your home,  offer only a very limited amount of time for viewing before the agent rushes off to yet another open home, and can leave you exposed to the risk of “games” being played by some visitors or residents  to talk the property down to discourage others.

Our Personal and tailored inspections give genuine, previously qualified  buyers, far more attention and a more relaxed time to inspect and savour the best rooms in the property, to ask questions and get a real feel for the property they may choose to buy.    Our personal inspections also mean we can use our sales expertise to address any concerns from interested buyers on the spot and make sure we get the best price for your property.

You Benefit from our Negotiation Skill

If cheap agents are willing to give away their own money- what do you think they will do with your money?

All sales prices should be fair.   Fair for the seller and fair for the buyer and this doesn’t mean low.      Our ongoing training ensures that we are committed to getting a great result – not a desperation to put a sale “at any cost” on your property – which would leave you wondering if you could have done better.  Poor negotiators can cost you a lot of money.

Advertising your property at a price BELOW what you would accept, will damage the sale of your property.   Higgins Real Estate provide truthful sales estimates – then negotiate the highest possible selling price in the current market.

It may be better to pay an extra 1.1% for a selling fee with an experienced negotiator with a sales guarantee, than to risk losing thousands of dollars on final sale price.

Other selling methods

Ask us about Fast Track Sale or Private Auction/ Silent Bid Declaration, and why some vendors choose these options and when they are utilised.     These methods have both delivered the highest possible price to these clients, with the lowest possible stress.



We welcome you to Higgins Real Estate