Our Commitment is to assist people with one of the most important, and often stressful, times of their lives – finding or selling a home.

Your home is your most important asset so choosing the right real estate agent, who can provide a range of solutions to suit your needs, is crucial.

Keeping you updated is the minimum you should expect from your agent.   Keeping you delighted with a professional and efficient service and a great result is what we strive to achieve for you which is supported by the excellent systems in place to ensure we deliver the best service possible.

It’s time for a fresh approach

We DON’T follow the crowd!   If all agents do the same thing it must be the right thing!    Right?     We don’t believe so.

YOU Are In Control

With Higgins Real Estate YOU are part of the sales Team.   You are in control of the sales process the whole time and have nothing to worry about.   We don’t believe in giving you false information.   It’s your home and the final decision to sell is yours.

              Highly Trained and Motivated Team

Higgins is a TEAM of highly trained professionals whose previous backgrounds in financial planning, mortgage broking, conveyancing, marketing, valuation, customer service, sales and farming, bring a huge amount of knowledge, experience and expertise to assist all of our current and future clients.

This assistance to the community is further enhanced by the two members of the team who are Justices of the Peace.

Our Sales Fee is recognition for our  expertise, competence, dedication and caring to obtain a great result which will allow our clients to move on to the next phase of their lives.

This is achieved by our strong focus on continual education and professional development to constantly improve knowledge, skills in negotiation, communication and customer service.    As members of the Pittard Training Group, our staff can provide our clients with the assurance that they will receive the highest level of customer service and client care.

Choose SKILL – NOT the cheapest!

If agents give away their own money- what do you think they will do with your money?     Cheap agents get cheap prices.    It may be better to pay an extra 1% for a selling fee than to risk receiving ten percent less on selling price.    You may not even realise this and the agent certainly won’t tell you.

Choose NEGOTIATION skill!

Poor negotiators can cost you a lot of money.   Our training ensures that they are committed to getting a great result not a desperation to put a sale “at any cost” on your property – which would leave you wondering if you could have done better!

Higgins Real Estate provide truthful sales estimates – then negotiate the highest possible selling price.


Our online marketing ensures your property will receive maximum exposure on the most popular online property portals.     Newspaper print with a little picture of your home – just takes YOUR money and advertises the agent!

Higgins Real Estate uses the most effective marketing and selling methods, including our Fast Track Sale or Private Auction/ Silent Bid Declaration, and guarantees to deliver the highest possible price to their clients, with the lowest possible stress.

NO Sale-NO Charge!

You will never be out of pocket with Higgins Real Estate.     That’s right – No Upfront Costs!   You pay nothing whatsoever until your property is sold.

Higgins Real Estate carries all the photography and marketing costs. You pay nothing until you sell.  This guarantees you cannot lose money if your home does not sell or if you change your mind and decide not to sell.

Professional Photography

When first impressions count, it’s vital that your house is presented perfectly for potential buyers. Our specialist photographers will capture the best aspects of your house. We can also produce floor plans if necessary. Combined with our comprehensive property descriptions, your property is ready for marketing within a few days.


We believe in SERVICE therefore Inspections are tailored to suit YOU and the potential buyer.

Inspections are by appointment ONLY with genuine qualified buyers and conducted at a time suitable,  not for the agent’s convenience.

It also means no unsupervised strangers or nosy neighbours wandering through your home whilst the agent is busy with other people.

Open Homes are risky

  • Oftentimes the agent does not adequately identify or monitor any of the people going through your home!     Does your insurance cover you for any theft when groups of people are invited into your home all at the one time?  Most probably not!
  • Open homes offer only a very limited amount of time for viewing before the agent rushes off to yet another open home.
  • Open homes can leave you exposed to the risk of “games” being played by prospective purchasers to talk the property down to discourage others.
  • Open homes are used to gain more clients and NOT really to benefit YOU.

Our personal and tailored inspections give genuine buyers  far more attention and a more relaxed time to inspect and savour the best rooms in the property, to ask questions and get a real feel for the property they may choose to buy!

Our personal inspections also mean we can use our sales expertise to address any concerns from interested buyers on the spot and make sure we get the best price for your property.

Fast Track Sale

Our Fast Track Sale is a “no price marketing” strategy we’ve used since 2001, a strategy very misunderstood by others,  and is simply placing the property on the market without a set price.  We do this for the first three weeks before a price is advertised.

This strategy is usually chosen by vendors who do not wish to jeopardize their sale by setting too high a price on the property and potentially scare away genuine buyers.      This also creates competition among buyers and has seen us achieve higher than expected prices.

Rest assured that Vendors who choose the Fast Track Sale method are highly motivated to get the best price and are willing to listen to all price opinions and offers.

The agent will give an indication of price based on sales of similar properties at the time. If the price is within the buyer’s budget the agent will encourage the buyer to view the property and make a price opinion or make a genuine offer.   ALL price opinions and offers are presented as they come in, in writing,  for vendor consideration.

This has been a very successful method of sale for vendors with properties selling within the first few weeks at prices higher than the vendor expected.

Private Auction / Silent Bid

This internationally-acclaimed process is demonstrably better than a public auction for sellers.  It not only removes the need for invasive open homes and expensive marketing campaigns, but it also removes any pressure to accept an offer below your comfort level.

With the Private Auction / Property Silent Bid, no competing buyer is privy to another buyer’s offer.     Each buyer must offer their highest price without being influenced by what somebody else may have offered.   On most occasions buyers offer higher than they would normally do at auction.

Talk to us about this NO FUSS, NO STRESS, JUST RESULTS sales technique.

The TEAM inspection

This means that you will have ALL of our salespeople working on your behalf, who assist with price opinion on the current market value of your home and introduce more people from their own extensive buyer database.



Many people have placed their trust in Higgins Real Estate and continue to do so.

We invite you to view our numerous Testimonials, Google & other online reviews which attest to the  SUCCESS and the HAPPINESS we have given to many people over many years.