Private Auction

 See Why Public Auctions get low prices!

All sales prices should be fair.   Fair for the seller and fair for the buyer and this doesn’t mean low!

Higgins Real Estate is proud to present the most fair, easiest and most successful property sales technique offering real results, with the least amount of stress.

This internationally-acclaimed process is demonstrably better than a public auction for sellers.  It not only removes the need for invasive open homes and expensive marketing campaigns, but it also removes any pressure to accept an offer below your comfort level.

With the Private Auction / Property Silent Bid, no competing buyer is privy to another buyer’s offer.     Each buyer must offer their highest price, in writing, without being influenced by what somebody else may have offered.   On most occasions buyers offer higher than they would normally do at auction.

  1. LIST your property with Higgins Real Estate and set your reserve
  2. Your reserve price will be advertised, alongside your Private Auction closing date.
  3. Bids will be accepted in private rooms at Higgins Real Estate office, sealed and kept until the auction end date.
  4. On your Auction end date, your bids will be opened with your Higgins agent.


  • ZERO Fees!    The Private Auction process is cost-free, with agents simply taking their standard commission only if the property is sold
  • Vendor can accept, reject or negotiate with any bidder
  • PRIVATE process removes comparative bidding, allowing true value to be reached
  • Higgins Real Estate manages entire process from start to finish:    NO stress, NO risk.
  • The end result?      A fast, hassle-free sale for you, with no hidden fees.  




Fast Track Sale

Our Fast Track Sale is a no price marketing strategy used since 2001, and is simply placing the property on the market without a set price for the first three weeks before a price is advertised. The heart buyer search begins and  this is often how we find the love buyer.

This strategy is usually chosen by vendors who do not wish to jeopardize their sale by setting too high a price on the property and potentially scare away genuine buyers.      This also creates competition among buyers and has seen us achieve higher than expected prices.    Fast Track has been a very successful method of sale for some vendors with properties selling within the first few weeks at prices higher than the vendor expected.


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